Tamara Mclaughlin
Tamara McLaughlin has a 25+ year background in developing, delivering, and overseeing medical-based training. She enjoys making intimidating material easy to learn.

We deliver a low-stress and learning-rich training environment using an engaging, student-centered teaching approach. Integrated instructional techniques target cognitive, affective, and psychomotor learning. In class, we build on video scenarios with hands-on practice in preparation for a skills assessment. This blend of seeing, hearing, doing, and speaking ensure comfort with the material, confidence, and skill mastery. Every class is tailored to match the varying educational and experience levels of the group. We provide personalized attention and flexibility that national providers cannot. Our commitment to outstanding service and training has been the key to our success.

Tamara McLaughlin Owner
American Red Cross Authorized Provider
American Heart Association Authorized Training Center
American Safety & Health Institute Authorized Training Center
Emergency Care Safety Institute Training Center
American Heart Association Authorized Training Provider
MEDIC First Aid Training Programs
OSHA Compliant