N-95 Respirator

Fit Testing

This test is for people whose job positions require that they wear a mask. It is an affordable and effective testing procedure called Qualitative Testing. In this test, the employee wears the respirator face mask along with a hood over their head. The tester then applies a series of test agents and gauges the employee’s ability to detect the smells and tastes. Individuals who detect these agents must have their mask adjusted or changed for proper fitting. We use saccharin, a sweet-tasting solution, for the testing.

A Medical Evaluation Questionnaire must be completed with your healthcare provider or online with 3M prior to your fit test. See link below.

This course is designed for medical or construction workers or anyone that wears an N-95 mask at work. Employees working in a position regulated by OSHA Respirator Standard CFR 1910.134 must complete a respirator fit test at least once a year. OSHA requires a fit test before working with a new mask or after changes in the employee’s facial characteristics.

Length: 10-20 minutes per person

New or Renewing Students